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Gloria Crane's "Canteen Gourd Oil Lamp with Distressed Metal Leafing"

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Join acclaimed Gourd Artist, Gloria Crane, as she shows you step by step how to create both of these beautiful Oil Lamps using Canteen Gourds! (A Canteen Gourd is so named because their shape so closely resembles a canteen for carrying water).

In this class, you will discover:

•How to center and drill the hole for the oil lamp insert

• The quickest, easiest way to place your design

• Tips and techniques for woodburning your design, including which woodburning pen to use

• How to get a flawless, carved surface by using the correct carving burs

• Tips for hiding the stem area of the gourd

After completing all your woodburning and carving, you're ready for the fun of coloring your gourd and creating the distressed metal leafing accent!

• How to use GourdMaster™ Transparent Acrylics to color both the carved and uncarved surfaces

• How to easily mask off areas you don't want the metal leafing to go by using GourdMaster™ Liquid Mask

• Gloria's secret technique for removing GourdMaster™ Liquid Mask the quick and easy way

• How to create the distressed metal leafing look on your gourd

• How to apply a final finish to seal and protect your art

• Alternate "no carving" project: How to create leaves with blended color, including a special shading technique.

Gourd Classes on Demand

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